PowderCandle 200 hrs (includes 40 wicks)

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  • Fragrance-free
  • Plant-based and non-toxic
  • Always has a fresh, aesthetically pleasing look
  • Burns without soot and leaves your vessels clean
  • Endless interior options - you choose the vessels to use


Preparing the candle:

  • Choose a suitable vessel.*
  • Pour the powder into the vessel.
  • Insert the wick leaving our a 1-cm end.**
  • Light the candle and enjoy the pure and warm light.

* The vessel should be at least 8cm wide to prevent the wax from sticking to the sides. That way you won't have to clean the vessel afterward and your candle will always look new and beautiful.

** One wick burns for 6-8 hours. 200h PowderCandle includes 40 wicks.

Extinguishing the candle:

  • We recommend using a candle-snuffer or covering the container with a non-flammable lid as blowing the flame out might also blow the powder out of the container.

Re-lighting and refreshing the candle:

  • If you wish to relight the candle, first check the length of the remaining wick by simply lifting the set wax out of the powder. 
  • If there is no more wick left or you wish to refresh the candle's appearance, throw the set wax out, fill the vessel with the preferred amount of powder, insert a new wick, and light. 
  • If there is enough wick left, you can simply re-insert the set wax into the powder and light the candle. 

Adding essential oil:

  • Essential oils can be added to the liquid part of the wax.
  • Wait until there is enough liquid wax around the wick.
  • Blow off the candle, add the desired amount of essential oil, and relight.