For restaurants / cafés

How do you welcome your guests?

Powder candle has endless ways of use limited only by your own imagination.

Powder candle:
+ is always new and fresh
+ is non-toxic and plant-based
+ is in the same price range as paraffin candles
+ you can choose your own preferred container
+ the container will always be clean
+ provides endless interior design options
+ creates a welcoming atmosphere for the customer

Powdercandle solves many of the issues restaurants and cafés face when using regular candles for ambience. 

A wide array of different candles which may cost a lot of money. Reusing is not aesthetically pleasing and containers have to be thrown out.

Affordable, but not elegant and do not fit with a refined interior.

Rather affordable, but CANNOT BE REUSED. This means most of your money will be thrown out along with the residual candle. Potentially toxic and creates a lot of residue as it melts.

For events

Are you planning a wedding, company event, birthday, or just in need of some candlelight for added ambience?

Candles create a warm atmosphere and amp up the mood for any event or occasion. 

Powdercandle has endless ways of use limited only by your own imagination.

1. Order our bulk 20l container (3100hrs) 
2. Fill your containers
3. Create some magic
4. Clean containers - lift the set wax out of the powder, re-use the powder at your next event.
No waste!

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