Terms and Conditions Of Hire 

In these terms and conditions of hire: 


“PowderCandle” means the granulated wax powder hired out by the owner to the Hirer;

“Hirer” means any person, company, corporation or government agency, or its representative who shall hire Powdercandle or engage the services from the owner;

“Owner” means Nordic Imports Pty Ltd ACN 634 100 057 trading as PowderCandle Australia;

“Terms” means these Terms and Conditions. 


1. Ownership 

The PowderCandle supplied for hire remains at all times the property of the owner. 


2. Inspection 

As part of the owner’s stringent quality assurance process, all PowderCandle is checked for cleanliness before dispatch. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check all of the ordered PowderCandle on delivery or collection and the Hirer must notify the owner of any damage within eight hours of receiving the PowderCandle for hire. The Hirer acknowledges that it is aware of the proper use for which the PowderCandle hired is designed and it has inspected the PowderCandle and expressly agrees that the PowderCandle is: 

2.1 in clean condition;2.2 includes special wicks;2.3 is fit for the purpose; and2.4 is of quality and specifications as ordered. 


3. Charges and Terms 

The Hirer agrees to pay the owner’s hire charge and any other charges, including charges for loss, damage, and repairs or any tax, GST, duty, levy, or other expenses paid or payable by the owner at the rate and in the manner specified from the commencement date and time of the hire until the PowderCandle is returned by the Hirer to the premises of the owner. 

The owner reserves the right to amend or revise its rate or prices without notice. 


4. Payment Terms 

Payment for hire of PowderCandle must be made by: 


1. Initial payment of $100 (minimum order amount 40$ and return shipping fee $60*) upon time of booking order; and 

2. any additional fees within 48 hrs of the return of the PowderCandle to the owner.


* Extra charges applied when delivering to remote areas.


5. Cancellations 

Hire Contract cancellations are at the discretion of the Hirer. The Hirer may cancel a confirmed order in writing but may forfeit any hire fees paid as follows: 

a) Cancellations more than 30 days before the delivery date will be charged at 30% of the initial payment;

b) bookings canceled 8 – 30 days before delivery date will forfeit 50% of the initial payment; and 

c) bookings canceled within 7 days of the delivery date will forfeit 100% of the initial payment. 


6. The Hirer’s Obligations 

The Hirer must: 

(a) accept responsibility for the PowderCandle hired from the time of its delivery until its return to the owner; 

(b) ensure all PowderCandle is returned in a clean, dry, and properly packed condition. The Hirer must pay for any damaged (PowderCandle) 


7. Return of PowderCandle

PowderCandle must be returned to the post office or pickup point within 48 hours from the date of the event. If the event occurs on Friday, PowderCandle must be returned on Monday. If the Hirer fails to return PowderCandle within 48 hours or on Monday if the event occurs on Friday, the Hirer will be charged a late fee of $40. If the Hirer does not return PowderCandle, the Hirer will be charged the full price of $449 per bucket.


8. Loss of or Damage to PowderCandle 

If on the return of the PowderCandle to the owner the PowderCandle is found by the owner to be in an unclean condition, the Hirer shall pay to the owner the cost of the damaged PowderCandle. 


9. Force Majeure 

If the owner is unable at any time to perform any of its obligations whether wholly or partly by reason of any cause beyond its control (including without limitation, acts of God, inclement weather, strikes, lockouts, fires, riots, civil commotion, or unrest, interference by civil or military authorities or act of war) the owner may give written notice to that effect to the Hirer, giving full particulars of such force majeure in which case the obligations of the owner under these terms shall, to the extent that they are affected by the force majeure, be suspended during the term of the force majeure. The owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer as a result of any delays caused by such force majeure events. 


10. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions 

The Hirer hereby unconditionally accepts these terms and acknowledges that its acceptance is a condition precedent to taking possession of the PowderCandle from the owner